The Maximo Art Prize is a celebration to promote international contemporary art for emerging artists and designers around the world.


- 1 Appearance on the Times Square Big Screen
- 1 Solo Exhibition at Juca Máximo Gallery - Brazil
- 1 Collective Exhibition - Gallery New York
- 1 Collective exhibition with the All Category Winners in Juca Maximo Gallery - Brazil
- Exclusive Trophy and Certificate


- 1 Collective Exhibition with the All Category Winners at Juca Maximo Gallery - Brazil
- Exclusive Trophy and Certificate


- 1 Collective Exhibition with the All Category Winners at Juca Maximo Gallery - Brazil
- Exclusive Trophy and Certificate


- 1 Collective Exhibition with the All Category Winners at Juca Maximo Gallery - Brazil
- Exclusive Certificate

Purpose of the award

The aims of the prize are:

  • To promote creativity and excellence from around the world
  • To exhibit a wide range of challenging works
  • To help artists to exhibit and sell their works in Brazil 
  • To promote artist in the New York
  • Promote the artist's brand in the art world
  • Disclosure in the Brazilian press
Juca Máximo

Founder Maximo Art Prize and Design

How to enter

  • Please read the terms and conditions carefully before completing the entry, as they will form the basis of the contract between you and the Máximo Art Prize.
  •  Sign up with Máximo Art Prize’s newsletter for news and updates.
  • Decide on the number of works (maximum 8 entries) you wish to enter. The contest is open to all artists worldwide with no age limit.
  • Acceptable mediums and genres of 2D and 3D including painting, oil, mixed media, drawing, ink, watercolour, calligraphy, original print, photography, digital art, design, illustration, sculpture and ceramic excluding installation all techniques.
  • Images of works must be in jpeg format. The recommended ideal size is 2MB, with a minimum size of 250KB, maximum of 4MB. For best viewing, we recommend a maximum resolution of 300 dpi and pixel dimension of 1600 pixels or wider. Remember to provide a high-quality image, as it may be used on the website and in promotional material.
  • You must include the title of your work, the year it was created, medium, and size. Maximum 2D size inclusive frame 120 x 120cm except 3D maximum size 70 x 70 x 70 cm. Limited edition print must declare the number of editions.
  • Only one image of each work must be submitted.
  • Any work submitted must be available for sale in the exhibition if shortlisted.
  • You must state an estimated sale price of the work, including VAT if you are registered, ie the price a gallery would normally charge. The price should include Máximo Art Prize 30% commission. Sensible pricing is recommended.
  • An artist statement (max 100 words) is recommended and followed by a curriculum vitae (CV)if shortlisted.
  •  You will need a credit/debit card ready to pay via Stripe. Use your full name for reference on your payment. You do not need a Stripe account for the payment. Also, a friend can pay on your behalf.
  • Please do not send your physical artwork to us unless you are notified that you are shortlisted.


First Round

Free Entries until January 20, 2024.

Second Round

Registration fees until February 20, 2024.

• First entry – U$19
• Up to 3 entries – U$29
• Up to 6 entries – U$49
• Up to 8 entries – U$59


28 Sep/23: Open Call Free

28 Jan/24: Shortlist Announcement - First Round

28 Feb/24: The Finalists Announcement

20 Mar: Winners Announcement

01 Apr: Delivery of shortlisted artworks to Juca Máximo Gallery, Fortaleza, Brazil.

15 Apr: Physical selection (stage two) of winners by judging panel.

25 May: Private View/Winners Awards at Juca Máximo Gallery

28 Jun: Exhibition closes

The categories

You can apply in more than one category.