Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the online submission of your artworks and the use of our website by you. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before completing the submission, as they will form the basis of the contract between you and Máximo Art Prize. All entry fees are non-refundable.

I. Introduction

  • Application of terms and conditions
  • Contractual agreement between the artist and Máximo Art Prize
  • Importance of reading the terms and conditions before submission

II. Submission Guidelines

  • Non-refundable entry fees
  • Acceptable mediums: 2D and 3D artworks
  • Maximum sizes:
    • 2D artworks: 120 x 120 cm (including frame)
    • 3D sculptures: maximum size of 70 x 70 x 70 cm
  • Exclusion of artworks that have won major awards in competitions
  • Estimating sale prices and including a 30% commission for Máximo Art Prize
  • Recommended pricing considerations

III. Selection Process Stage 1 (Online)

  • Pre-selection based on submitted images
  • Representation and availability of artworks for exhibition
  • Jury review of all online submissions
  • Artist’s signature allowed on the artwork
  • Up to 100 artworks selected for Stage 2

Stage 2 (Final Selection)

  • Individual review of each artwork by the jury
  • Selection of prize winners (excluding Public Choice Award, which will be based on online voting by the public)
  • Organizers and jury reserve the right to accept or reject artworks for inclusion in the exhibition
  • Refusal of artworks due to poor quality or significant deviation from the submitted images

IV. Artwork Handling

  • Framing requirement for paper-based artworks (clip and aluminum frames not accepted)
  • Finality of the jury’s decision, with no correspondence entertained
  • Artist’s responsibility for costs related to delivery, shipping, and packaging of artworks
  • Strong recommendation for artists to obtain their own commercial insurance for artwork transit, selection, and exhibition
  • Copyright ownership of exhibited artworks by the artist
  • Máximo Art Prize’s right to reproduce artworks for competition-related purposes, including press, advertising, website, catalogs, and printed materials
  • Agreement to include artists and their artworks in filmed processes, whether broadcasted or not, by participating in the competition

V. Force Majeure

  • Definition of force majeure events beyond Máximo Art Prize’s reasonable control
  • Máximo Art Prize’s non-liability for any loss or damage during transit, storage, or while in its possession
  • Strong recommendation for artists to obtain their own commercial insurance for artwork transit, selection, and exhibition

VI. Data Protection

  • Secure storage and use of personal data solely for the administration of Máximo Art Prize
  • Non-transfer of personal data to third parties
  • Note: The awards can change the closing dates of entries, as well as the dates of the awards. In view of the need to register 500 forms.

VII. Disqualification and Sale

  • Máximo Art Prize’s right to disqualify artworks if the artist fails to comply with the rules, even if the artwork has been selected for the exhibition
  • All artworks must be available for sale at the exhibition, with prices set by the artist
  • Máximo Art Prize retains a 30% commission on the sale price
  • Collection of unsold or non-selected artworks by artists or their designated messengers at the designated collection point

VIII. Governing Law

  • Applicability of Brazilian law to these terms and the associated contract
  • Exclusive resolution of disputes by the courts of Brazil.